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 Raven Mocker: Rephaim

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PostSubject: Raven Mocker: Rephaim   Mon May 28, 2012 5:13 pm

Kalona's first and favorite son. He is first introduced as the Raven Mocker standing over Zoey's bed when they first return to the House of Night in Hunted. He is stabbed by Darius, which Kalona gets angry about, being as Raphaim is his favorite son. In Tempted he is discovered upon a perimeter search by Stevie Rae. He was wounded in the fight at the end of Tempted when Darius shoots Raven Mockers down from the sky. He speaks to Stevie Rae, and the sound of his humanity rocks her to the core. She takes him to shelter in a garden shed, where she later returns to care for his wounds. She leaves to return before anyone notices her absence and Rephaim questions her motives. When Stevie Rae returns she leads him to the tunnel networking and directs him to the Depot. She closes the tunnel leading to the abbey and informs him that just because he was born from evil doesn't make him evil. He slowly recovers and often thinks of Stevie Rae. When the other red fledglings (who have not chosen good or evil yet) force his hand in their plan to kill Stevie Rae he chooses good and saves her. She becomes very close to death and he offers his blood to her in order to save her and to repay his debt. Upon doing this the imprint she has with Aphrodite shatters and Stevie Rae and Rephaim become imprinted. He is then directed to hide in the last haunted house on Tulsa's Ghost Tour called Gilcrease. It is obvious that he and Stevie Rae are love interests, especially in 'Burned.' Rephaim shows his love of Stevie Rae many times during 'Burned.' Many times he states how she shows him a world he never knew and that Stevie Rae was a path to a world of love, and laughter, and happiness, though she can cause much turmoil in his heart. One example of his love of Stevie Rae is when Stevie Rae accidentally calls the bad bull to answer a question involving how to get Zoey back and what Stark has to do. Rephaim calls his father's power to heal himself and then comes to her rescue. He offers to pay her blood debt for her. Another example is when Stevie Rae is about to drink Dallas's blood. He comes and stops her. Dallas then turns to Darkness and Rephaim protects her with his life. He even states that what he wants most is love and that he shouldn't ask that of Stevie Rae. Rephaim then takes her back to Gilcrease a museum he had been living in and has her stay the night under his protection. The next morning Nyx shows Rephaim and Stevie Rae a human version of Rephaim. Rephaim finally begins to tell Stevie Rae how he feels about her when Zoey and Kalona return to the physical world. Unfortunately, just after Zoey and Kalona return to the physical world Rephaim says that he is not the man in the water he is a beast and doesn't belong with her. Stevie Rae then tells him that that's not what his heart says and Rephaim states that his heart has never mattered. Stevie Rae tells Rephaim to come back to her when he realizes his heart matters as much to him as it does to her. As she leaves, Stevie Rae tells him that she will miss him and hugs him goodbye. Rephaim tells her the same through the wind as she leaves.


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Raven Mocker: Rephaim
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