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 Neferet, High Priestess

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PostSubject: Neferet, High Priestess   Mon May 28, 2012 5:13 pm

At the first sight of her, Neferet appears to be, quite frankly, a saint. Neferet is very beautiful, very confident and is looked up to by everyone. Zoey sees Neferet as a mother figure early in the books. However, behind her mask of kindness and perfection, Neferet is, in reality, a cold, evil, and calculating person. She is very careful to be secretive and to hide her true emotions. Neferet also seems to lose her temper many times as the books go on. She tries to control and manipulate people as well.

Neferet is extremely beautiful, even more so than most vampyres. She is descibed as a very tall woman with long auburn hair and almond shaped moss green eyes. Her tattoo is a pattern of swirls resembling frothy ocean waves.

The war with Zoey Redbird is over power. She wants Zoey and her 'Nerd-Herd' out of the way and become the queen of all House of Nights. With Zoey and her friends knowing the truth about how her mother died, how she created the red fledglings and about the white bull, she knows she is able to be exposed.

Neferet was the High Priestess of Nyx for the House of Night Tulsa. We know that Nyx gifted her with several things which include her affinity for cats and her healing powers. She is also extremely intuitive and can somewhat read people's minds (except for Zoey RedBird and Aphrodite). She has vast magic power, and she┬┤s a powerful telepath. She also has the abilitity to kill people with her mind. Lets just say that she's overruled by power to rule over all of the House of Nights.

When Neferet was young her mother died and her father began to abuse her. A couple of years later she got marked and belived Nyx saved her from her father. Her father's abuse took a mental toll on Neferet, and she began to think that all humans are like her father, and that they all hate vampyres. Neferet started wanting revenge for what her father did, so she started planning a war with the humans when Zoey had gotten marked. Before Zoey's arrival at the Tulsa House of Night, she was the mentor of Aphrodite. Neferet was not only the High Priestess for school, but also the professor of Vampyre Sociology. Neferet had also been using Aphrodite for her visions to see into the future and what might prevent her from claiming her spot as Queen of the House of Night's.


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Neferet, High Priestess
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