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 Cullen's and Hales Hunting Outline~

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PostSubject: Cullen's and Hales Hunting Outline~   Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:47 pm

What the spots mean:

Alice: Jaguar
(Seeing the roads within chaos, Understanding the patterns of chaos, Moving without fear in the darkness, Facilitating soul work, Empowering oneself, Moving in unknown places, Shape-shifter, Psychic sight)

Jasper: Lion
(Brotherhood, Letting go of stress, Strong family ties, Strength, Courage, Energy, Self fulfillment)

Rosalie: Coyote
(Understanding that all things are sacred--yet nothing is sacred, Teaching that only when all masks have fallen will we connect with the Source, Intelligence, Singing humans into being
Childhood trust in truth, Teaching us how to rear our young, Brings rain, Ability to laugh at one’s own mistakes, Placing the North Star, Shape-shifting, Teaching balance between risk and safety, Illumination, Stealth )

Emmett: Bison
(Earth Creativity, Feminine courage, Knowledge, Generosity, Hospitality, Sharing work, Courage, Strength, Challenge, Survival, Giving for the greater good, Formulating beneficial plans)

Edward: Cougar
(Using leadership power wisely and without ego, Balancing power, intention, strength
Gaining self-confidence, Freedom from guilt, Cunning)

Hears how i think it should go:

Welcome to our hunt, please take your positions.

(All of the people will post that they walk to there positions in a diamond form, surrounding a tree stump (tree stump is Edward's spot))

(Edward Chants Poem for Jaguar and walks over to Alice)
(Alice holds up the Jaguar Paw in front of her, saying something about the Jaguar)
(After Edward finishes chanting the poem, moves back)
(Alice buries the Jaguar Paw in the ground)

(Edward Chants the Poem for Lion and walks over to Jasper)
(Jasper holds up the Lion Claw in front of him, saying something about the Lion)
(After Edward finishes chanting the poem, moves back)
(Jasper buries the Lion Claw in the ground)

(Edward Chants the poem for Coyote and walks over to Rosalie)
(Rosalie holds up the Coyote Fur in front of her, and says something about the Coyote)
(After Edward finishes chanting the poem, moves back)
(Rosalie buries the Coyote fur in the ground)

(Edward Chant the Poem for Bison and walks over to Emmett)
(Emmett folds up the Bison Horn in front of him, and says something about the Bison)
(After Edward finishes chanting the poem, moves back)
(Emmett buries the Bison Horn in the ground)

(Edward walks back to the tree stump and stands on top of it and chants the poem for Cougar)
(He lifts the Cougar Tail into the air, saying something about the Cougar)
(Edward buries the Cougar Tail in the ground)

(Edward says something smart, then in reverse order, you un-bury your items.)

(Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice)

Edward: Now lets go eat.

(everyone answers lets go or something..try to stay in character lol. And it will close there.)


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Cullen's and Hales Hunting Outline~
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