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 Betrayed Summary

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PostSubject: Betrayed Summary   Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:32 pm

Zoey Redbird, a 16-year-old third-former ("Freshman") vampyre fledgling, had succeeded in settling herself in the Tulsa House of Night, or the vampyre finishing school. She accepts the elemental gifts her Goddess of Night, Nyx, had given her, and she has earned a new tattoo going from her neck down to her back. Zoey finally feels like she belongs with her friends: Damien Maslin, Shaunee Cole, Erin Bates (the two before mentioned stated to be "Twins") and her roommate and best friend Stevie Rae Johnson, beside her. She also has two boyfriends, Erik Night, a fifth-former ("Junior") vampyre fledgling, and Heath Luck, her human ex-boyfriend with whom she has Imprinted. Through out the book she tries to stop seeing Heath, but the bond and her feelings for him as just to strong. Soon after, killings of human teenagers take place, with all evidence pointing to the House of Night. As humans associated with Zoey from her Unmarked passed life become endangered, it comes to light that her amazing powers threaten those close to her. In her most urgent time of need, her best friend Stevie Rae rejects the Change from human to vampyre and dies in her arms. Shaken by this, she is shocked to find that Heath is the next of the string of kidnapped, soon to be killings of human teens. Using her Imprint with him to track down where exactly he is, she rides on horseback( with the help of her equestrian studies teacher Professor Lenobia) to where she finds him to be in an old abandoned depot on the edge of town. Using the directions she got from Heath, she finds old Prohibition Era tunnels underground. She finds Heath and a big surprise - Stevie Rae is alive. But she isn't how she used to be. She's lost most of her humanity and is the true stereotype of vampyres - red eyed, cruel, and bloodthirsty. There were others like her, others that died and became undead. She recalls seeing two of them along a wall of her school, believing them to be ghosts. She is forced to kill one of them with her affinity, or connection with fire trying, as they try to attack Heath, because they find human blood enticing. Zoey still finds a bit of the old Stevie Rae inside her, the Okie twanged country music and Roper jeans lover that she was, and obviously trusting Zoey, she says that Neferet (the vampyre High Priestess of her school, and her mentor as well) did it to them. Neferet comes and makes Zoey and Heath forget all that happened in the tunnels. Zoey uses her power with the elements air, fire, water, earth, and spirit to clear the mind block from herself. She doesn't speak of the other fledglings, only saying that a crazy man took Heath, to her friends. In the end she makes a vow to come back for Stevie Rae.

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Betrayed Summary
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