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 Marked Summary

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PostSubject: Marked Summary   Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:29 pm

Sixteen-year old Zoey Redbird gets Marked at school one day and has to go to the House of Night, a school for fledglings (young vampyres). She has to leave her family and friends behind. She will miss her grandmother, who is a Cherokee Native American and calls Zoey u-we-tsi-a-ge-ya (Cherokee word for "my daughter"). When she arrives at the House of Night, she is seen as an anomaly because her mark had been filled in. At the school she meets Stevie Rae (her roommate), who introduces her to the twins, Shaunee and Erin, and Damien, the token guy of their group. After attending her first ritual in Nyx's Temple, Zoey realizes that she has been given an affinity for all 5 elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit.

She also meets Aphrodite, who is leader of the Dark Daughters. Aphrodite has also been gifted with an affinity, but not for an element. Aphrodite has visions of future tragic disasters. However, she does not tell anyone about these visions. She lords her power over the school and treats the other fledgelings horribly, especially Zoey, who she sees as a threat and rival. Zoey realizes she must bring Aphrodite down, even if that means taking over her position as leader of the Dark Daughters.

Zoey's chance comes during the celebration of Samhain, where Aphrodite accidentally summons evil spirits. Heath, Zoey's ex-almost-boyfriend arrives and is attacked by the evil vampyre spirits that crave fresh human blood. Erik, a Dark son who has shown interest in Zoey, attempts to save Heath as Zoey and her friends cast a circle to send the spirits to where they were summoned from. Zoey is the post of leader of the Dark Daughters from Neferet as a reward for her quick thinking and bravery. Given as an addition, Nyx blesses Zoey by adding additions tattoos to her Mark and shoulders, something unheard of even for full-fledged vampires.

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Marked Summary
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