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 The Entire Introduction - Family Secrets

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PostSubject: The Entire Introduction - Family Secrets   Wed May 19, 2010 12:21 pm

“What have youu done?!”
“I bought a new car Mom like what the flip are youu flipping about?”
“Youu are 23 and have a baby on the way!”
“Yeaah and youu seem to forget that I’m engaged and own my own home”
“Peter owns the house, not youu, youu pathetic little brat!”
“Mom don’t be so mean.” I said starting to sob
“Dry up youu, youu, youu, spoiled biitch!”

Welcome to the life of Rebecca Andrews, oh wait Becca is me. I’m 23 and engaged to the most wondrous man of all time, Peter Valentine who is 25. Pete and I are having our first child, in less than 4 weeks, I’m 35 weeks pregnant right now and I couldn’t be happier for Pete and I. We have our home set up and ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at us. My mother divorced my father when he was diagnosed with cancer. He died 2 months after the divorce was final, 6 months after she began the proceedings. He left everything to me. Oh do I miss my Daddy. My mother is Patricia and my Daddy is Patrick. This was 3 years ago but it still hurts like it was yesterday. My mother remarried, the day after Daddy, died to this freak; we (Pete and I) call him the hell moister but his name is Paul. I didn’t go to their wedding and don’t know my step-sister, and I don’t wish to either. Her name is Bethany.

“Good Morning Dad”
“Don’t talk to me youu slut”
I walked into the kitchen after that comment to get a glass of orange juice before heading to school, for yet another day of harassing bullies.
“Get the fuck out of the fridge youu freak!”
“Get a grip!”
“How dare youu!”
“Youu are the one …”

Hey I’m Rebecca Sampson, I’m 13 years old and I’m depressed as fuck. My incubator if I must call the bitch something, got impregnated, hid it, gave birth to me, and then made me life with my father. She said she was too busy for me, her life as a rich bitch in Beverly Hills or something. I have an older sister, my father told me that, but I have no idea who she is, what my mother’s name is, or where to start looking for her. How do I not know who my mother is? She says her name doesn’t matter. She gave me this Pat Smith name once when I was 10, but since then she hasn’t said anything to me about her name or my sister. My father hates me, no literally, he hates me. I dress in all black; get piercings, but no tattoos. He hated the fact that my incubator left me with him, no no he hates that she got pregnant with me in the first place. He used to be a good guy, well from the pictures I see. His name? Oh that’s easy FUCK FACE. Okaii no, his name is Garret I cut and draw the pain away from this place I am forced to call home. My step-mother Pauline is amazing, well when she is home with us. She has a house in Beverly Hills so she can see her daughter, and she is the only person I can rely on.

“Oh I’m so happy to see youu!!”
“Oh me too my little angel”
“I need to get to school soon though”
“I know and I will drive youu”
“Awesome I’ll go grab my bag”

I’m Bethany, Bethany Smith. I am 16 years old and I’m pretty damn popular. My Mom bought a house near my Dad’s because until I’m 17 I have to live with him, and the bitch he is married to. She is the only downfall to my life. Well that and the fact that I don’t know my step-sisters. My Mom has a step-daughter, Becky I think her name is, and My Dad’s step-daughter is Becca. Weird I know. But hey C’est La Vie. My Mom tries to see me as much as she can, and Dad dotes on me. Everything is perfect in the life of me, my very own. I’m Bethany.


If youu haven’t made the connection yet, Rebecca Andrews (Becca) is Rebecca Smith’s (Becky) sister. They don’t know each other at all. Becky knows about Becca, but not really at the same time. Bethany is Becky and Becca’s step-sister.

Becky’s Dad is Bethany’s husband but he was also in a relationship with Becky and Becca’s Mom, hence the reason Becky is here. Becca doesn’t know anything about Becky, neither did Patrick (her Dad).

This rp is going to take place in four parts. Part one is starring …

Part two is starring …

Part three is starring …

Part four is how they meet so it is starring …

Just follow my cues and youu won’t get lost Smile

Chars Needed ---

Rebecca Andrews (Becca)
Peter Valentine (Becca’s fiancé)
Patricia Smith (Becca & Becky’s Mom)
Paul Smith (Patricia’s husband, Bethany’s Dad)
Rebecca Sampson (Becky)
Pauline Sampson (Becky’s step-mom, Bethany’s Mom)
Garret Sampson (Becky’s Dad, Pauline’s husband)
Bethany Smith (Paul & Pauline’s daughter)


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The Entire Introduction - Family Secrets
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